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Plan Coordination
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1.     Key Services (Division/Cell wise) and Standards:


1.1  Plan Coordination Division:


A.     Subjects dealt with by Plan Coordination Division.

              i.            Preparation of Five-year Plans, Annual Plans, District and Sub-divisional Plans.

            ii.            Co-ordination of Plan activities of different Development Departments.

          iii.            Assessment of materials capital and human resources of the State including technical personnel.

           iv.            Determination of priorities in respect of Five Year Plan Schemes and allocation of resources.

             v.            Assisting Development Departments in removal of bottlenecks in implementation of Plan schemes.

           vi.            Advising in regard to suitable machinery for ensuring successful implementation of development schemes.

         vii.            Watching progress of implementation of plan schemes and preparation of annual review.

       viii.            Plan Publicity.

           ix.            Central Assistance for implementation of Plan Schemes.


Other functions Plan Coordination Division.

              i.            Examination and approval of Sectoral Plan Schemes / Projects received from line departments for issuance of sanctions.

            ii.            Recommendation of fund for execution of sanctioned schemes / projects of the line departments to Finance Department for release of fund.

          iii.            Periodical review of progress of expenditure and Physical progress of schemes / projects of the line departments in terms of target, aims and objectives.

           iv.            Submission of quarterly and yearly progress report on expenditure to the NITI Ayog for release of fund.

             v.            Physical verification and monitoring of selected schemes / projects as and when required.

           vi.            Preparation of mid-term appraisal report of Five Year Plans.

         vii.            Assisting Development Departments in removal of bottlenecks in implementation of developmental schemes and getting Central Assistance for implementation of Plan Schemes.


B.      A brief Guideline regarding the services concerned.

Annual Allocation of Plan Fund and circulation of the same among various development departments of the state.


Annual Plan allocation against various sectors is done taking into consideration of annual resource calculation by finance department and expected fund flow from the central govt. Then examining the status of the ongoing schemes and new proposed schemes the sectoral allocation is calculated which is finalized by state assembly in its annual budget session.  Towards the end of the financial year subsidiary demand allocations are made within the total plan size for the year by adjustment of allocations among various sectors i.e. probable unspent amount of a sector is reallocated to some more demanded schemes of other sectors and this exercise is also passed in short budget session of the state assembly.


Consideration of proposals for Administrative Approval and Financial Sanction of schemes / projects submitted by various departments.


After finalization of the schemes for a particular financial year the various sectors submit proposals to the Planning Department which are examined intensively whether amount proposed is within the allocated fund.

The Plan Coordination Division makes scrutiny against the proposals for administrative approvals against new schemes as under :


        i.            Whether appropriate budget provision is made for the year. 

      ii.            Whether the new proposals are submitted along with approved estimates as per government norms.

    iii.            Whether the proposal is included in the priority list of schemes for the year and approved by concerned minister.

     iv.            Whether the ongoing schemes accompany the physical and financial progress report; duly countersigned by the senior most secretary of the department.

       v.            Whether utilization certificate is enclosed against the already released fund.

     vi.            Whether the completion certificate is enclosed in case of proposals for release of last installment of approved amount.


C.      Public Interface of the services concerned to be addressed

For Plan Coordination Division there is no such services directly concerned to be addressed to the general public as it deals with plan matters of various government departments only.


D.      Commitment to Standards (time frame and quality of services )

To ensure commitment of standards the Plan Coordination Division does not rely upon any ministerial staff for scrutiny of plan proposals of various departments.  Immediately after receiving sectoral files containing  proposals for administrative approval or financial sanction the concerned Research Assistant or Assistant Research Officer or Research Officer or Senior Research Officer who ever is entrusted with the particular sector starts examination of the proposals and put up the same to higher authority for approval. Decision against the proposals whether to agree, regret or query to be made is processed at Jt. Director, Additional Director, Director’s level.  Approval of the decisions processed by the P.C. Division is put-up for approval  to the Secretary or  Commissioner or Additional Chief Secretary or even at minister’s level as deemed fit and proper by the authority.  The entire process is completed within 1 to 7 days in normal working days.


E.      Dissemination of information:

The P.C. Division Up-loads annual allocations, S.D. Allocations in the website of the Planning & Development Department through the Computer Application Division of the Department and are updated regularly.  Website of the Planning and Development Department is


Services rendered by P. C. Division:


Sl. No.



Timelines / flow





Disposal of proposal  for Administrative Approval and Financial sanction.

a.      Submission of priority    list approvedby Departmental Minister.

b.      Availability of Budget provision for thefinancial  year.

c.       Submission of checklist regarding the status of the scheme.

d.      Submission of progress report, U/C in case of ongoing scheme.

7 working days from the date  of  receipt in P. C. Division



From concerned Sectoral officer up to Addl. C.S. and Departmental Minister.

Time line for approval may be more if interim query is to be made against particular proposal.


Disposal of request letter for approval of scheme/ project.

 Nature of work must of public service oriented.

3 working days from the date  of  receipt in P. C. Division


Director P.C. Division.

 Forwarded to the concerned Central Govt. or State Govt. Dept. for consideration.



Must be routed through P&D General Branch.

7 working days from the date of receipt of application.


Director P.C. Division.



Disposal of request letter for any information.

Information seeking source must be a govt. department or public sector undertaking or registered public body and the information must be related to any govt. service.

3 working days from the date  of  receipt in P. C. Division


Director P.C. Division


3        Availability of Information: Information relating to divisions/cells may be obtained from the officers heading the divisions/cells listed below:


Sl. No.

Service Delivery of Directorate/Divisions/


Major Activities

Head of the Division/Cell No.


Plan Coordination Division

Finalization and prioritization of development objectives and effective resource allocation under Untied, ACA, SCA and work component of the plan Budget. (items included in the list of subjects as mentioned at 3.1 above)

Dr.(Smt.) RunuDutta, Director, 3rd Floor, Block F, Assam Secretariat, Dispur

Cell: 94351-81644




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